Gail Anderson

I am always appreciative of industry talkers who come in to BCU; the university have took a conscious effort to bring in talkers to explain the process of their careers, to help student get a better understanding of what the future may entail. Anderson’s story was a most inspiring one at that. The designer has had a long and prosperous career within the industry, having been in contact with huge names such as Paula Scherr! Though the stunning work presented was very awe inspiring, what I (and I can presume many of the listeners) appreciated most about…

Theme: L5 Take Over ( Showcase of Work)

This particular takeover was hosted by fellow students Farah and Aaron, both specialising in diverse areas. Farah showcased her illustrations while Aaron explored his love for 3D and Vector design. Not only did they share their work as a whole but also their process, and tips for those wishing to experiment within it.

It is rare that I get to have such an insight into L5 members work, so this was an occasion greatly cherished.

Having took a recent endeavour into 3D Design myself, it was great to gain somewhat inspiration from…


Designing in the Music Industry:

Having had a great interest in design within the music industry for a prolonged period of time, I found this talk most inspiring. Although it has been an ambition of mine, it seemed almost unobtainable or out of reach for someone in my position. But after hearing talks from Charlotte Audrey and ‘Goodkid’ it came to my realisation that it was in fact more achievable that it had once seemed. Of course with the right amount of determination of skill. I was surprised to find out that Audrey’s team was largely made up of…

Photography using a mobile phone: Top tips and discover how to take a professional LinkedIn profile picture:

A very useful session, having held photography as a great interest of mine, I found this talk most captivating. Although camerawork is mainly a personal endeavour, I have previously incorporated the medium into university projects. So, learning new improvements is most beneficial to my progression.

The most academically themed informative I learnt through this talk would be the newfound styles of photography such as ‘Leading Lines’ and ‘Frame through a frame’. Although I had already made use of these exercises, I wasn’t informed…

The lecture of ‘ The Hyper Connected World’ revolved around the internet- its history, its impact and the future it omens.

In modern day society it is easy to get caught up in technology, but little do we reflect on its effects upon us. So to have an overview on the situation allowed me and my fellow peers to question its further motives and place in our world.

As a designer, the development of the internet is an exciting prospect. Along with its expansion, carries waves of job roles (in design), creative media and new ways to get promoted and…

As part of the extracurricular that the university has been supplying through the pandemic, the coffee room is a weekly opportunity for students over all years and courses to attend and discuss a variety of topics within the Visual Communication background.

This week (my first attendance) we discussed VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

It was great to have an open discussion with the group through the presentation. One of the main topics of discussion was if VR and AR, had gone too far.

As the years progress, we see that technology continues to have a larger and larger…

Before we began to develop our own editorial designs for our magazines, it was important to attempt practice in this style. So, throughout the first couple weeks of this module we were set side tasks to do just that, here I shall be sharing such with you.

The Task:

We were given 2 hours to reimagine the front cover of one of a selection of magazines. I chose Empire magazine, an organization that specializes in the distribution of film and media coverage.

More specifically we had to do a front cover that celebrates the work of director Quentin Tarantino, either focusing on…

Part 5 of the Contextual Studies Lectures.

The Anthropocene is a unit of geological time, in which displays the earth's history of human activity, focusing on that of their negative impact on the planet. So therefore the ‘Design for the Anthropocene’ focuses on projects that either bring attention to the ongoing problem, or set out to fix or slow down the process of such destruction.

It was fascinating to see the true passion and creativity that the designers built into their projects. …

Part 4 of the Contextual Studies Lectures.

I must admit, up until this point I hadn't much knowledge on the subject matter, but after learning of its meaning I was surely intrigued.

Psychoanalysis is a psychological theory and therapy originated by the neurologist Sigmund Freud, it involves the study of the conscious and unconscious mind, encouraging repressed fears, making the unconscious conscious. Freud believed that unlocking the unconscious was key to curing his patients.

One of the main illnesses Freud attempted to relieve his patients from was Neurosis - stress induced disorders, these include depression, anxiety, OCD etc. …

Part 3 of the Contextual Studies Lectures.

The topic of global discourse revolves around the conversation of race and culture. Though the progression of acceptance has come a long way over the years, still in 2020 we see a cycle of injustice, so to educate and encourage discussion on the topic is vital.

As an ongoing supporter of movements fighting against these known injustices, I am always open to learning more on the topic, and this lecture surely did so.

One of the more shocking things I learnt through this lecture is that more people are being displaced now more…

Taylor Autumn

Second Year Graphic Design Student. Documenting My Progression

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