This week at university we have been blessed with the opportunity of taking on live client briefs. Of such, we were given six to choose from. Each offering great range and experience. But having come to a decision of my chosen brief, I shall now break down not only the task at hand, but also my reasoning for choosing said task.

My chosen brief was conducted by Elisa, the founder of ‘Mimosa Grove’ a sophisticated, modern apparel brand for mothers and their children. Though they are a company just starting out, they have great ambition for their brand, wishing for it to be one of the most popular amongst mothers with a great Instagram presence.

I can see why as a modern brand this is one of their main aspirations; we are living in a world centred around the internet and social media, so to have your brand circulated amongst influencers and their followers with assure you great success.

But Mimosa Grove isn't like most child apparel brands featuring on social media at the moment, one of the main reasons being that each piece produced is hand made by the founder, meaning every product is completely unique and special to the individual buyer. Which of course means that this brand doesn't contribute to the Fast Fashion Industry, a positive feature that is becoming evermore important in recent years.

The company has mentioned that they have already planned on future collaborations with fellow creatives to make gift boxes.

Considering these aspects, you can see why their specific ideal audience are crafty women around ages 25–40, as these are the types of people who would be able to appreciate the brand for the true majesty it is.

As you can see, the brand has the structure of a great and successful business, but they just need someone to bring their vision to life, that is where my creative expertise come in.

As a new brand, this is truly a clean slate to work from. Meaning there is a lot to be getting on with.

Weather this be primary planning such as:

. Mood Board’s

. Audience Research

. Researching Competitors

Creating main brand properties like:

. Logo’s

. Consistent Graphic Elements

. Brand Guidelines

And secondary/ decorative concepts for instance:

. Social Media

. Packaging

. Business Cards

. Thank You Cards

As stated previously, this is a completely clean slate to work from. There haven’t been many opportunities presented to me that show a client with a brand that requires building from the ground up, instead more often not redesigns and additional creative work. So you can be sure that a designer such as myself, would of course jump at the opportunity to explore their creative potential.

And if my work is successful, and to the clients liking then to have them as an extended client would do wonders for my portfolio, not only this but working alongside a new company is an experience that shall benefit me immensely in my progression as a designer.

I also think that with this creative freedom I have been granted, it allows me to experiment with a different kind of audience. I have never worked on a project aimed at mothers and their children, but working on this project will allow me to show the depth and range that I am willing to investigate.

Though there are aspects of this project which are new to me, with the style that I have developed over the years of designing with minimalism and complimentary illustration I believe I can do this brand justice, and shall push it to its full potential. Also using my knowledge of social media, and close relations to the intended audience, I feel I can offer a lot in the way of perspective, and can bring a fresh outlook on the project.

I look forward to beginning the project, and documenting my progress.

Second Year Graphic Design Student. Documenting My Progression