Part 2 of the Contextual Studies Lectures.

The topic of gender has never been at more importance as it has been in recent years. Not only are the injustices faced by both genders being brought to attention and considered. But gender is now becoming more fluid within nature, no longer are people forced into two categories, there is freedom to live as you wish! I am proud to be part of such an open and accepting generation.

Through this lecture we discussed a multitude of factors around gender, which peaked great discussion and debate in the comments. It was interesting to see the perspective and opinions brought forward by my fellow peers; especially the women of the group speaking so passionately about factors that by no doubt affected them greatly through the course of their lives. I feel there is a certain sense of power that comes along with the discussion of injustices faced- in 2020 we can point them out and stand that they aren't acceptable.

Though as a feminist I like to keep up to date with knowledge revolving around the topic, I certainly learnt of some shocking patterns! For example, in the UK creative industries, women hold only 36–37% of positions and there’s a 26% average pay gap! Such statistics were quite startling to me, and have definitely brought influence to possible topics to write about in my up and coming magazine.

As well as an overview of modern day issues, we discussed the deeper historic routes of sexism. The problem can be seen sprouting from as far back as the biblical studies! From the very beginning of time the story of Adam and Eve portrayed a story of an evil, manipulative women, this certainly paved the way for more tellings of its kind.

Even through such topics as language! There are many examples of female gendered words having negative connotations, such as ‘sissy’ or ‘ spinster’.

When you look at the topic as a whole it is astonishing just how deeply routed misogyny is. Although we have made a lot of progression as a society, we certainly have a far way to go. Through my magazine, my aspiration is to bring more attention to the unfairness pushed on women. As a women working in design, I wish to focus especially on that faced by others in the same situation, as I feel it doesn't get enough coverage.

Second Year Graphic Design Student. Documenting My Progression