The Hyper Connected World

The lecture of ‘ The Hyper Connected World’ revolved around the internet- its history, its impact and the future it omens.

In modern day society it is easy to get caught up in technology, but little do we reflect on its effects upon us. So to have an overview on the situation allowed me and my fellow peers to question its further motives and place in our world.

As a designer, the development of the internet is an exciting prospect. Along with its expansion, carries waves of job roles (in design), creative media and new ways to get promoted and connected. The new function crosses all aspects of communication.

This privilege allows for its users to access to a whole new data base of contacts from all over the world. So therefore, now more than ever, it is easy to find those of similar interest and opinion!

But with all these positive aspects also follow negative outcomes. At what cost do these liberties equate? It can be argued that the internet is bad for our developing world. It compromises our privacy, mental health and physical social life.

In this modern age technology plays such a huge role in our day to day life, even to the extent that it alters our way of thinking. With subliminal advertisements and ‘rewarding’ achievements (likes and follows for example), we allow so much of our minds capacity to be controlled almost without our acknowledgement.

This living arrangement is questionable enough in itself without looking ahead to the predicted future of virtual offices which replace reality or wearable technology which pushes ethical limits.

It is of upmost importance to ground ones self now and then to withdraw from this never ending flow of information and make time to be present in the moment.

Second Year Graphic Design Student. Documenting My Progression